Nuts are full of fiber, protein and healthy fats. Raw nuts especially cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, and brazil nuts are a good source of the essential amino acid l-arginine (essential = our body does not produce enough so it is essential we get it through eating; amino acids = the building blocks of protein). L-arginine helps with blood flow which in turn may help with over-all heart health.

Raw nuts are made up of unsaturated fats and have some natural statin properties that help lower LDL’s and increase HDL’s. Over 20 years now many people have worried about eating too much fat. Fats should be a concern ONLY if someone is eating a HIGHLY PROCESSED/PACKAGED, PRESERVATIVE LADEN, WHITE RICE AND FLOUR DIET or has a specific genetic or age related metabolic issue. I suggest ANY raw nuts are always a better option than a POP TART, or spicy Cheetos on a regular basis.

If you have difficulty digesting raw nuts consider soaking/sprouting them as it helps them become MUCH more easily digestible and nutrient dense.

Another thing to consider with raw nuts is that they contain phytic acid. Phytic acid is found in the bran or hulls of grains, but is also found in nuts and seeds. Phytic acid is easily digested by such animals as cows and sheep, but humans are not able to digest it. The reason this can be a problem is that phytic acid binds to the minerals in our food and thus prevents us from absorbing them. Note that this is only true of minerals present alongside the phytic acid. It will not leach the minerals our body has already stored. So, when eating nuts consider NOT combining them with other foods but consider eating them separate as to not interfere with mineral absorbtion.

Unfortunately, we often think of our INDIVIDUAL health too late. Take time to set goals to replace unhealthy eating habits for good habits.

Food is good, stop fearing it. Enjoy it. Share it. Grow it.

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