Amanda Garrison-Lucas

Owner | Holistic Lifestyle Coach | Family Healthcare Liaison

Amanda Garrison-Lucas is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Founder of Chews Your Health, LLC (CYH).

As Founder, her vision and focus has been on building strong community relationships and bridging the gap in healthcare. She strives to utilize local healthcare professionals both medical and holistic.

As a Holistic Wellness Coach and Family Healthcare Liaison, she utilizes a whole-body approach to health coaching including but not limited to individual biochemistry, nutrition, stress management, fitness, emotional and mental health, and weight management. By supporting individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances with one-on-one personalized reviews, she explains, builds and suggests lifestyle changes that affect and may be the possible origin of many sicknesses and everyday discomforts. She utilizes lab results, biometric screenings, genetic lab results, personal health risk assessments and more to encourage and reinforce personal accountability.

Her studies have involved physical therapy, personal training, nutritional advising, behavior change, alternative medicine and current nutritional sciences focusing on metabolic dysfunction and biochemical individuality.

Amanda believes in a team and partnership approach accepting professional guidance from both medical and holistic specialists. She is willing to listen and brainstorm with persistence to move forward with ethical change. The more we seek honorable objective support, stop re-living the past, forgive, are accountable, and understand our individual health, the more we can take control of our health with long-term positive results!

To a healthier YOU!