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Chews Your Health is a professional Health Coaching company focused on improving individual health by guiding clients with one-on-one instruction striving toward self-reliance and personal accountability. Here you can meet our team of expert coaches and partners.

Our Services

Corporate Wellness

AHA! A Healthy Agenda is a Corporate Wellness Program provided by Chews Your Health to local companies. Each employee has their own personal health coach and we can work with each company to help ensure they see a return on investment (ROI)!

Private Lifestyle Coaching

Chews Your Health offers a Free Introductory Consultation to give you a chance to meet by phone with a health coach. The goal of this consultation is to give you a chance to explain to us what health concerns you have and we will help you figure out what steps would be most appropriate for you to take next.
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Our Team

Amanda Lucas

HLC, AAS, CNC, B.S. Alt. Medicine

Amanda Garrison-Lucas is a respected health coach and current CEO of Chews Your Health, LLC. She uses a whole-body approach to health and wellness. Amanda supports people from all backgrounds and circumstances with one-on-one health check reviews.  She explains, builds, and suggests lifestyle changes that often times gets to the origin of many illnesses and everyday discomforts.  She uses lab results, biometric screenings, and personal health risk assessments to guide people toward independent health and accountability. She has been providing health and lifestyle consultations to individuals and companies in the Columbia area since 2009.

Liz Peterson, Ph.D.


Liz brings a strong nutritional science and exercise science studies background along with a diverse array of human health behavior research and an holistic approach to personal and individual wellness. She is currently a health educator where she uses her extensive knowledge to help people understand how nutrition, activity, personal behavior, and values can all impact physical, mental, social, emotional, vocational, spiritual and environmental wellness. Through an understanding that individuals are all unique and at the same time face similar challenges to wellness, Liz focuses her efforts on understanding individuals and supports them on their personal journey to their wellness goals.

W. Shane Winter

Director of Operations and Financial Coaching

Financial wellness is an intricate balance of the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of money. I help individuals work to achieve this balance by educating them to make wise financial decisions for themselves and their families to reach both short and long term goals. Knowledge is power, and by providing guidance and empowering individuals and families with financial knowledge they can make smart choices that help them achieve financial security. I have over 15 years experience in the sales, marketing, social media, and financial arenas. I love building relationships and bringing people together for the betterment of all parties involved. I enjoy working to help parties achieve their goals and am happiest when seeing others succeed.

Leanna Garrison
Mark Lucas
Nancy Larkey
expert CARE

Our Partners

Wildflower Holistic Healing
Wildflower Court
Columbia, MO 65203
PH. 573.424.8234

Ashley Burnam


Ashley has always had a passion for helping others. She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing and has experience working in several different hospital unit settings. After working in nursing several years, she took time off from the medical world, became a mother and has been on a natural healing path ever since. Through her various yoga trainings, mentorships with holistic healers, and experiential knowledge of various forms of healing modalities, she is enthusiastic about sharing her nurturing wisdom with others. Her business, Wildflower Holistic Healing, offers a variety of services that treat the body, mind, and soul. A dynamic teacher devoted to the growth and development of the human potential, Ashley inspires, motivates, and stimulates growth with her zest for life and serving of others. Her services include personalized herbal treatments, yoga therapy, use of chi machine and TENS/EMS unit, guided meditation, sound healing, essential oil therapy, hot stone acupressure, emotional freedom technique, and natural health remedy planning. Her clients leave her space feeling restored and relaxed with gained insight.


PH. 573.356.0162

PH. 573.864.4132

Elizabeth Klug

Life with Yoga, Registered Yoga Teacher and Somatic Counselor

Are you ready to become more capable of handling life’s consistent change? Begin a practice to cultivate both strength and flexibility for your mind and body today! The mind and body are deeply connected. We all experience times of stress in our lives due to mental, physical, or emotional experiences. It is possible to become skilled at dealing with stress in order to simplify our recovery process and create a life with more sustained balance. Elizabeth Klug has been studying and experiencing the connection between mind and body for 13 years. She welcomes clients to a personalized practice that assists in working with stress, tension, self esteem, and overall health. As a trained, professional yoga teacher, she has a deep understanding of the biomechanics of the body and how to create practices for every type of person; athletic or injured, young or old. As a Somatic Counselor she has an interconnected understanding of the nervous system and healthy functioning of the mind and body. Elizabeth completed an extensive program through the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute in an up-and-coming field known as Somatic Therapy. Somatic therapy acknowledges and explores the interconnection between mind, body, and emotions and provides tools that work directly with the present moment, rather than regressing to past stories or stressing in future worries. She brings this knowledge to her practice of working with individuals and small groups to create personal and group empowerment. Elizabeth has been teaching Yoga and Meditation professionally since 2011 and has a unique, down-to-earth approach that allows her to create inspiring, uplifting, and strengthening classes for individuals and groups. She teaches the use of breath practices, body exercises, and mental focusing techniques to impart a transformational experience to participants. Liz partners with Chews Your Health to provide unique group instruction onsite for local corporate clients.


PO Box 1742
PH. 573.514.4174

The Columbia Center For Urban Agriculture


The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA) is a local non-profit organization located in Columbia, MO. The CCUA seeks to promote and work towards the establishment, development, and maintenance of a functional, efficient and, above all, sustainable local food system in the city of Columbia, Missouri. As a local non-profit organization they depend on volunteers, vegetable sales, landscaping clients, grants, and the generosity of the public to fulfill its mission. CCUA started The Urban Farm in 2010 and is located at 1209 Smith Street in Columbia. It is 1.3 acres packed full of vegetables, chickens, native plants, bees, and friendly folks. Two-thirds of an acre is devoted solely to commercial vegetable production. One goal of the Urban Farm is to demonstrate that urban farming is an economically viable profession. Another goal is to break down the mental disconnect that where we live should be geographically and intentionally distant from where our food is produced. The Farm is organic; however, not certified. Visit the Farm to get a first hand feel about what being on an ecologically sustainable farm looks and feels like. Beyond the farm CCUA is involved in Opportunity Gardening, Edible Landscaping and community education providing educational opportunities and events for all ages. CCUA partners with Chews Your Health to provide unique gardening opportunities onsite for local corporate clients.

Boone Hospital